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Attractions of Mariscal and region

Enjoy Bombinhas and the entire region and make your vacation unforgettable. Explore, enjoy, enjoy and live!


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Porto dos Piratas

A pioneer in nautical tourism in the Costa Esmeralda region, formed by the municipalities of Porto Belo, Itapema, Bombinhas, and Gov. Celso Ramos, the company started operations in 1990, always offering the best services with the highest security.

Porto dos Piratas is situated on the seafront, in front of the Mother Church of Porto Belo, right at the entrance to the city. On site, in addition to a large parking lot and the ticket and souvenir shop, there is a concrete warehouse and exclusive use of the company schooners, allowing the shipment to be carried out with all security and comfort.

Portos dos Piratas is a great option to ride in Schooner with lots of fun and pirates on board. Capacity for 150 passengers, togobán in the stop for bathing of sea (only Schooner Sovereign and Black Corsair), refreshing shower in the deck, diving masks (limited quantity), service of bar on board, awnings with much shade, toilet and radio-telephone , Tropical fruit buffet, fruit cocktail. The tour offers several options of route, passing by the beach of the steel box, border of bombs and bombinhas and the beautiful beaches of lagoon and grave.

Boat Tours

Meet Bombinhas and the region also by the sea. Schooner rides are not always a good option to enjoy and relax with the family. There are diverse itineraries to know and explore the coast of Bombay. The schooners have on-board bathrooms and fruit cocktail to enjoy even more! During the summer season there are daily departures.


For those who enjoy a fishery in the region there are several places that work with this type of script. With daily departures in high season (reservation required) visitors can enjoy the fishing experience on the coast of Bombay.