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Attractions of Mariscal and region

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Galheta track

This track is characterized as circular because it allows the return to the starting point, without repeating the course. Vegetation of secondary Atlantic forest in the middle and advanced stages.


Degree of difficulty: difficulty to regular (above 4,500m). It requires better physical conditioning of the practitioner.


Route: 3 to 5 hours (3.676m - round trip)

Track points - Galheta Cove and Caete Beach.


Cultural Aspects: Near the beginning of the trail there is a stone cave called 'Oratory', which according to the ancients there was a treasure trove of pirates. They tell the natives who saw lights coming out of the place, believing that the souls of these pirates remained there guarding the treasure.



Tainha Track

It is characterized as a linear track, although its path is relatively simple and common. Its route has beaches and the return route is the same one way. Tainha Beach was the first place to be occupied by the residents of Canto Grande and the trail served as access. Its vegetation is formed by primary Atlantic forest, secondary Atlantic forest in the early, middle and advanced stages.


Access: The trail starts at the end of the large corner beach, near the pier. There are signs signaling the entrance to the trail.


Degree of difficulty: Easy. It is only necessary to have good health.


Route: 3 to 5 hours approximately (5,168.34m - round trip)


Track Points: Porto da Vó. Praia da Aguada and Pedra da Vaca.


Cultural Aspects: Existence of a stone shelter where the wooden boats used at the time were made, some carved in a single noble wood of the region, the guapuruvu (Schilozobium parahy ba). Some of the ancients still tell stories of ghosts and voices coming from different noises and sounds from bamboos.



Costeira do Zimbros Track

It is characterized as a linear or circular track (by sea or land) of simple and common paths. It presents several beaches during the course. If the option is to do it only in the municipality of Bombinhas the return path is the same one way. However, its layout can permeate the territory of Porto Belo. Thus, its classification function is classified as "wilderness trails" (scenic track). Another option that the trail offers is the return by the sea (boat rides offered by fishermen of the last beach of the municipality (Ponta Grande).) The trail also has waterfalls and paradisiacal places.The vegetation is very diversified with the presence of ecosystems associated with Such as restingas and mangroves.


Access: Access to the trail is at the end of Zimbros beach. There are signs signaling the trail entrance.


Degree of Difficulty: Moderate. It requires physical training for long walks and places with high slope.


Duration: 4 to 7 hours approximately. (11,835.54m round trip).


Points of the Trail: Cardoso Beach, Lagoa Beach, Triste Beach, Red Beach, Ponta Grande Beach and Ponta de Santa Luzia Beach (Porto Belo Municipality).
Cultural Aspects: In Praia da Lagoa, following the course of water can be found ruins of old buildings with walls made of stones and whale oil. In one of them can be seen a hole in the center and its origins are still being studied. In the mediations of Triste Beach there is still the presence of sambaquis and workshops (pans and bugre). According to storytellers, the place became known as Praia Sad because it was where the slave ships separated the families of slaves.



Santinha Track

It is characterized as a linear trail, with an easy path, where there is an entrance and an exit. It is a Permanent Preservation Zone (ZPP), with vegetation of primary Atlantic forest, in an advanced stage. The place is a fragment of one of the most important ecological corridors of the South of Brazil.


Degree of Difficulty: Easy. It is only necessary to have good health.


Route: 1 hour (approximately 800 m - one way)


Track Points: Chapel of Nossa Senhora das Brotas at the entrance of the route. At the highest point of the trail overlook the beaches of Mariscal (sea from outside) and Canto Grande (sea from inside).


Cultural Aspects: At the entrance you can see the Grotto in devotion to Our Lady of Brotas, protector of the springs, and also the vestiges of remote occupation with the presence of taipas.



Sepultura Track

A very easy and quick but fun way to do it is the one that passes behind Sepultura beach and leads to a point where you can see Bombinhas from the front.
To get there, follow the main avenue of Bombinhas until you reach a currency. Go left (you must cross a gate). To the right is the Retiro dos Padres beach, a well-known camping spot. There are no trails on this beach, but it is an option to get to know a new place. Go straight and you'll come to an open, grassy field. To get on the trail you need to cross a gate that serves to keep the oxen and cows trapped. Do not worry, entrance is free.